Here are some of the sites I like to spend time reading and surfing. 

Fellow bards or hosting sites in the Xenaverse:  Psylocke's excellent tales and more Check out Sam Ruskin's girls  Cry's fab site  Enoon Erehwon's delightfully dark stories More fab Xena tales LJ Maas, a must read! Mary D's, any Xenatics place for a good tale XWP stories and more  If you are looking for the THUD element in fanfic! Great index another index aaah! Where the bards learn and play. Home!

There are so many sites I'd love to mention here but this will have to do.

Other topics of interest:  (A great big must for all writers of the female persuasion!!) (The name says it all)  (The real deal about Amazons) (Wanna know what fairdinkum means?)  (Loreena McKennit's site)  (Mists of Avalon related site, as you can read*G*)  (Women Warriors of all Ages) (For the LoveHounds out there, everything on Kate Bush)_  (Radio for Peace International)  (Sacred Geometry)  (Evolution today)


If you have a link or banner to add, drop me a line and we'll discuss it!

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