The Conqueror: Sceptre of Fate

Part I:  When Destiny Meets Fate

By: Harpy & HkdonXetG  2002

Story Disclaimers

Category:       XWP; Conqueror X/G; ALT (f/f), intended for mature audience


Copyright Disclaimer:  Characters from the T.V. Series Xena, Warrior Princess and Hercules, the Legendary Journeys, are copyrighted to MCA/Universal, Studio USA, and Renaissance Pictures. This is an original work of fan fiction, intended for entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement is intended. Copies of this story may be made for personal use only, but must include disclaimers. Original characters and plot lines are copyrighted to the authors and may be used with permission.


Spoiler Disclaimer:  This story is loosely based upon the HTLJ Series episode (H73/414) Armageddon Now II which depicts Xena and Gabrielle in an alternate timeline. It is not necessary to have seen this episode to read and enjoy Sceptre of Fate.


Content Disclaimer:

Violence: It's hard to write a story about Xena as The Conqueror without some violence, though it is not overly graphic no more so than the violence depicted in the series.

Sexual content: This is a story about Xena and Gabrielle who, in any timeline, are fated to be together as friends, lovers, and soulmates. That means this is an Alternative Fan Fiction story with scenes of sexual intimacy between two women. Besides F/F sex, there is also a bit of M/F sex, and a scene with some mild BDSM. If you are not 18 years or older, or sexual situations and some violence is not your cup of tea, then this would not be a story for you.


Story Summary: In The Conqueror: Sceptre of Fate, Part I: When Destiny Meets Fate, a young farm girl named Gabrielle leaves her village and enlists in the Army of Xena the Conqueror. Xena finds herself captivated by this rather bold and idealistic young woman and offers her a job as her personal assistant. Xena soon realises that Gabrielle possesses an unconventional wisdom and comes to rely upon Gabrielle for advice and friendship as she leads her army in a campaign of conquest. After conquering Athens, Xena becomes Empress of Greece and all of the Greek territories, previously controlled by ruthless warlords and petty kings, are united under her rule. Her ambitions do not stop there. It is Xena's self-proclaimed destiny to rule over a vast empire, and so she looks toward Rome as her next conquest. In the service of the Conqueror, Gabrielle goes from being a nave village girl to the Empress' most trusted advisor and friend, much to the annoyance of Xena's second-in-command. Through Gabrielle's friendship Xena realises that her quest for personal glory does not have to come at the expense of her personal happiness. Along the way, they realise they were fated to be together.


Note from the Authors




Harpy:  First and foremost, I'd like to thank Jane, my partner in this. Her uncanny ability to understand what I'm trying to write and fill in the gaps, is the only reason this thing is seeing the light of day. Thanks to everyone at the Bard's Village, especially Sam Ruskin, who gave their encouragement to get this story started. Thanks to everyone on the DQ&I list for their feedback. Last, but by no means least, Zuke, whose guidance probably deserves a co-writing credit.


HkdonXetG: First, I'd like to thank Richard; he is an extraordinary writing partner. This project is "seeing the light of day" because of his amenability, determination, and infinite patience. Thanks also to the folks at the DQ&I for their feedback and encouragement. And a huge "THANK YOU" to my good buddy, Zuke, whose exceptional BR skills have helped us take a good idea and make it a great story. This is for my warrior princess.


Cover Artwork for SOF, Part I: The authors would like to thank B-Bard for contributing the fabulous story cover artwork. To find more of her work, please visit her web page:


For those interested in who wrote what bits: even we can't tell!


One last note: Sceptre of Fate is written using British English spelling.


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