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    The characters of Xena, Gabrielle, Ephiny, Velasca, Argo, Hercules, Ioulas and the rest you recognise from XWP and HLG all belong to MCA/Universal. No commercial profits are intended or gained. I'm not rich so go hassle TPTB if you are looking for money.

    The Priestesses of Avalon and their backdrop, Iíve borrowed from Marion Zimmer Bradley, during the first two parts of the story. After that... hey, watch me fly. LOL. The rest of the characters have sprouted from my collective body, mind and soul link to the Xenaverse and Bronwynís hostel take over of my mind, whenever I get within two meters of my computer. Some of characters are very much based on true historical figures. The Gods, of course, belong to themselves.

      Authorís note: I would like to mention the all inspiring author Marion Zimmer Bradley, for feeding the Celtic Warrior-Bard and Moon Priestess in me, through her wonderful novels! I thank all Bards of the Xenaverse for their wonderful, inspiring work and sharing it on the net!

    More thanks: Go to Raine, Enoon Erehwon, Sam Ruskin, Jane, aka HkdonXetG and Zuke, for there beta plus job and advise! Silver and LJ Maas, thanks for saying the right things at the right time and encouraging me to write this, "got way out of hand" tale. By the Gods, if I had known where this first try at fanfic would lead me, well, run would be the appropriate response. I love you guys and gals!

    Sex, drugs and drum role: The story is main text and certainly contains expressions of love between consenting adult women, oh yeah! Hey, what do you expect from women in love, huh? If you canít handle this, grow up. In your own pace of course, but I advise you to get on with it in this lifetime because youíre missing heaps. If you are unable to read this because of one law or another in your nick of the woods, do the smart thing: find something else to do; unite with like minded souls and try to do something about the damned law; immigrate to a more open minded place. Thereís always a choice. If you are under 18, go talk to your parents first.

    Violence: Well, some. Mostly defense. Itís a Xena related story so no more than the show would contain. In part 4 there is a battle scene that might not be for the faint at heart.

    Setting: Iíd say this story is set after Dahowkís first move and baby Hope is out of the picture, floating off in a basket some where. <Phew, bard does happy dance and back flips> Season three I think that is. If you have read Bradley's trilogy, (Err plus one extra book to be exact.) then this story takes place before book 1, 'Lady of Avalon'. In RL, it takes place just before 61 A.D.

   Amazon alert: Ephiny worshippers keep reading, sheís in for a ride... twice.

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