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Writing erotic lesbian fiction.



To start off… I’m no authority on this subject but have collected a number of tips from authors and short writing classes. This is the sum of what I remember or wrote down. I’ve also added practical stuff I learned along the way. Use what you like, by all means! J



I have found these 4 ways to start a pwp/scene/tale useful:


  1. Use an existing tale and rework it (Like Sam Ruskin’s Fun With Words homework about rewriting a lyric or newspaper story! *Bards Village*)
  2. Use a personal experience, write what you know
  3. Write what you fantasize about, what would you(r character) like to do
  4. Use a picture as starting point and tell the story behind it, like the one below… what has this babe been up to?  (*DROOOL* Err, sorry, can’t help myself VBG)









(Her book, ‘Starting from scratch: A different kind of writer’s manual’ is also fab to have lying around!)


My personal rules are: - -

(Unless your character is a fantasy/sci-fi character and has amazing abilities and non-humanoid body parts; even then be careful with inventing stuff)



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